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Dear valued customers,

We will close our business at Queens Food Market, Queensbay Mall, Penang on 30 June 2014.

We would like to thank all of you for supporting us all these times. It is our great pleasure to serve you these 3 years. Please forgive us for any inconvenient cause.

Kindly fill up our Feedback Form for our reference.

Have a nice day! Wishing you happy and healthy always.

Best Regards,
2 April 2014


亲爱的 顾客,

我们将于2014年6 月30 日 结束 皇后湾 这里的生意。 我们非常感恩您这三年来的支持。

我们也很开心跟您们分享新素,能量素。 如果有做不足的地方, 请多多包涵。

如果您愿意, 请帮助我们填妥 意见表格。 非常感恩。

祝福您 身体健康, 福慧双修。

合十 ,
2 April 2014


1) Purity of nature.
I LOVE VEGE would like to bring a little slice of peacefulness in a busy shopping mall.

2) Complete food:
Algae- complete green food. It is high cell grow food which can help us renew our body cells in fast. It is good to increase our body metabolism for healing.

Colourful vegetables per meal to make sure we have complete nutrients. Each colour from this earth has its energy and way to provide nutrient in certain organ of human body.

3) 30%- 50% of Raw Food.
Both raw food and living food preparation consists of preparing food from fresh vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, or sprouts without heating them higher than approximately 104 degrees. Our food is sweet from the original food taste. Raw food itself can produce fresh enzymes in our body.

4) Go Green.
We go for simple cooking to reduce world energy usage. We mostly steam or boil the food. High heat cooking mostly will evaporate the all minerals and vitamins from the food.

5) Best nutrient food from international cuisine.
There are the reasons behind that cause some ethnic healthy, long life and leading the world. We use vinegar, miso, tofu, seaweed, mushroom, home made kimchee and etc to insert in our cooking.

6) 1-3% Mock Meat.
Mock meat applies in our menu. There is a basic step to bring convenient way for the vegetarian beginner.

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Vegetarian Catering

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I Love Vege catering service provides high quality, delicious vegetarian food for weddings, workshops, conferences, retreats and parties.
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I Love Vege Cooking Class
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I Love Vege fresh vegetarian and vegan food source with quality ingredients from local suppliers and distributors.
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What People Say

Thanks for your food prepared with love :-). Even my little boy like it so much. Your store became our must go place, every time we visit to QB mall, since we found you. Keep it up! - Keat
The best in the meal is the papaya. It's so sweet and tasty! I personally don't really like papaya. But this papaya, is so tasty! - LuPorTi
I like the fact that every dish includes colourful vegetables with at least 30 to 50% being raw...The I Love Vege salad was absolutely fresh and delicious and the veggie packed tortilla wraps are filling. - Penang Spirit
Surely I'll go back to try it when I'm back in Penang!!! - Seong